When the conversation turns to sumptuous fabrics for bespoke, Lanificio Cerruti instantly comes to mind. As a bespoke tailor, we at Nad Lawrence pride ourselves in sourcing only the finest materials for our one-of-a-kind suits and other creations. In addition to our longstanding partnership with Stylbiella, we offer a range of other luxury fabrics to suit our clients’ every demand.

Lanificio Cerruti is no exception. 


A History of Excellence

Long celebrated as innovative weavers of fabrics for connoisseurs, the Cerruti name is rooted in Italian tradition and craftsmanship. Since 1881, Lanificio Cerruti has been producing fine materials for high-end suits. Beginning with wool, Cerruti has expanded its enterprise, ultimately raising the bar for menswear and setting new standards for the manufacture of custom-made pieces. Nad Lawrence is proud to offer these lovingly crafted fabrics to our discerning customers. 

The Cerruti brand began with the founding of a mill on the banks of the river Cervo in northern Italy at the end of the 19th century. Antonio Cerruti, alongside his two brothers, developed a textile factory that modernized the production of fabrics using innovative machinery. Antonio’s son, Silvio, oversaw the expansion of the company into an international presence, with a particular focus on wool. Since then, Lanficio Cerruti has only grown in caliber and reputation. Under the tutelage of Nino Cerruti, the brand’s distinguished fabrics have clothed Hollywood celebrities and all-star athletes. 



In addition to its fame among the movie star set, Cerruti is known for its focus on sustainability A philosophy that pairs well with our own here at Nad Lawrence. 

Lanificio Cerruti prioritizes sustainable fashion by considering both environmental and human impact in its production of luxurious bespoke fabrics. We at Nad Lawrence are honored to offer materials that we can vouch for in terms of quality and ethical value. 

It’s important to feel good not only about the way your bespoke suit feels and looks, but where it came from. As a bespoke tailor, Nad Lawrence does his homework. We know our threads from top to bottom, which means understanding how they were produced and what impact that had on the environment. Choosing bespoke garments from us means you’re casting a vote in favor of sustainability. And take it from us — sustainability is on-trend this (and every) season. 

Why do our clients opt for Lanificio Cerruti? They can feel good knowing that the fabric covering their bodies was produced using a green energy and recycling steam system, in addition to biological treatment of waste waters. They can take comfort in the fact that Cerruti has kept its roots local — benefiting both the land and the people of Biella, Italy. 

Beyond that, Lanificio F.lli Cerruti prioritizes the health and safety of its consumers by holding the Tessile & Salute Certification. 

Fashion and sustainability

The Fabrics 

The star of the show: the fabrics themselves. Lanificio Cerruti is known for the creation of light, soft, refined textiles that range from Australian wool to Mongolian cashmere. Ready to get the lay of the land? Allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorites…

  • Mohair

As the first Italian produce of mohair, Lanificio Cerruti has a long-established history of crafting this fabric prized for its practicality and sheen. Cerruti offers a blended fabric, Kinair, which is both wrinkle-resistant and vibrant. This makes it a natural fit for travelers

  • 100% Cashmere

When only the finest fabric will do, cashmere is a logical choice. Lanificio Cerruti sources raw materials of only the highest caliber, like white cashmere direct from inner Mongolia. Offering a range of shades and treatments, no matter which you choose, you’ll be wrapped in luxury

  • Vicuna

An exotic and extravagant fleece derived from the Peruvian Andes, vicuna is among the finest animal fibers on the planet. Ultrafine and soft, vicuna is crafted on-site in Italy at Lanificio Cerruti after it’s been spun and woven.  

  • Alpaca

Also a native of Peru, Alpaca Suri is a Lanificio Cerruti specialty. Richer and softer than the fiber of the more commonplace Alpaca Huacaya, it’s the reason the Alpaca International Association chose Lanificio f.lli Cerruti as a partner in 2015. 

  • iParty

Reimagine the elegance of a special occasion by luxuriating in a Lanificio Cerruti original. This fine fabric blends precious and natural fibers with a chintz finishing, resulting in a luminous finish


Nad Lawrence is a firm believer in building beautiful bespoke designs from the ground up. That means sourcing only the highest quality fabrics. Lanificio Cerruti is just one many artisans we collaborate with to ensure your custom-made look is refined, ultra comfortable, and timeless. Ready to explore our collection? 


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