Practicing the craft of bespoke tailoring, here at Nad Lawrence we are always keeping tabs on next season’s trends with an eye on overarching themes. Two that we know stand the test of time, no matter the season: Sustainability and self-expression. We’re expecting both ideologies to infiltrate fabrics and prints in fall 2020. With a nod to the elegance and free spirit that define bespoke clothing, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite womenswear trends to keep you ahead of the game in autumn. Curious about what’s in store for men’s fashion next season? Check out our fall 2020 men’s style guide here

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For now, here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of women’s fashion with the flavor of our insider expertise: 

  • Sustainable Fashion

Power move this decade: Opting for artfully crafted pieces sourced directly from environmentally responsible producers. Now more than ever, we are aware of the ramifications of our purchases. We consider the hands (or machines) that sewed together the blouse, the place it originated, how long it might last. And we opt for sustainability over convenience. This fall, it’s all about looking at fashion through a wider lens, with a perspective that extends beyond the cheap thrill of low prices and easy access.  High quality, finely sourced fabrics will last for seasons to come. Sustainability is one of the motives driving well heeled fashionistas to bespoke tailors over mass market retailers. We’ll let you in on a secret: It’s worth making the switch. Take the opportunity to do so this fall. 


  • Radical Self-Expression

The way we see it, what you wear sends the ultimate message about who you are. Your clothing is your calling card — and we’re all about letting the boldest, most liberated version of you shine through. Fortunately, that’s what’s on trend for ladies in fall 2020. Fashion is and remains the strongest tool for expressing personality and individuality. With the rise of Instagram, fashion enthusiasts take pride in curating their image in front of an engaged audience, crafting memorable and constantly changing looks, adjusting for mood and context. Fashion is part of a lifestyle and the ultimate expression of personality, and there’s a joy in embracing the most authentic version of yourself. Forget people-pleasing. Attracting attention and expressing our roots is more important to us than being liked. 


  •  Striking Colors

Bright and pastel — if there were a “happy filter,” that’s the palette we’re envisioning this fall. Sunny, sultry, radiant. Sparking joy, radiating energy. Alternatively, we foresee a shift towards urban elements (more on that next), bringing with it shades of charged red, army green, and concrete grey. These tones seem to come to life straight off the screens of a video game, and we’re a fan of them in bold all-over print, t-shirt graphics, and high-definition logos. Strong prints play with logomania and messaging in primary colours. They are juxtaposed with grey heather styles. 

Vintage Fashion

  • 80s/90s Urban Street Style

We’re seeing a resurgence in materials, patterns, and compositions that bring to mind a rough and tumble cityscape. Think skater-inspired casual cuts and generously layered looks that provide plenty of space to combine pieces individually and innovatively. Look out for activewear elements, funky colors and stark material combinations. The mish-mash of Savile Row with the downtown skatepark leads to a blend of urban chic that breathes new life into vintage pieces. 


  • Ballroom Silhouettes

Voluminous skirts and lengthy trains — formalwear is being repurposed and unveiled for all occasions. You’ll feel like Cinderella draped in a sumptuous ball gown, save for mod touches like neon hues that radiate 2020


  • Comfy, Durable Fabrics

Luxuriate in cozy materials that are built to withstand work and play. Cotton and polyester blends fit the bill just as much as pure polyester, polyamides and elastane. Consider denim, either in row look or chlorinated, for pants and jackets. Coating with polyurethane or quilted linings makes styles winterproof. Elastic materials, soft surfaces and cuddly pile fabrics layer on the comfort. Another favorite: Bathleisure fabrics fulfill the desire for distinctively structured surfaces.


  • Fringe

You’ll see it everywhere: Dresses, bags, pants. Fringe is ubiquitous this season, and we’re into it. With this trend, less can actually be more: It takes but a touch of it to dazzle up an entire ensemble. On the other hand, daring fashionistas may up the ante with a full length fringe skirt. As long as it’s a reflection of your essence, we’re in favor of embracing it. 


If you’re inspired and ready to get a jump start on filling your closet with the trendiest runway-ready looks this fall, you’re in luck. As a bespoke tailor, Nad Lawrence specializes in designing custom pieces for clients with exquisite taste. And remember — no great look is complete without the proper accessories. We’ve done the legwork for you by creating a handy guide to the five most essential adornments, available for download here.

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