When it comes to fashion, it’s always best practice to stay one step ahead of the next trend – and the next season. Here at Nad Lawrence, we’ve already set our sights on autumn. Cooler temperatures present an opportunity to flaunt cool new vibes with a revamped wardrobe. What’s on the style horizon for fall 2020? Take advantage of our expertise and allow us to share a few of the trends we’re anticipating in menswear this autumn. We’ve also rounded up our favorite women’s style trends for next season – check them out here

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In the meantime, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fall trends and essential advice for the modern gentleman who prizes sophistication and elegance above all else. 

  • Monochrome 

We’re anticipating edgy cuts and strong shapes to take center stage next season. A single palette works wonders at accentuating the visual effects of these boundary-defying lines. You could always opt for classic black, but we’ve been tending towards punchier tones that break up a traditional silhouette: think turquoise, rose quartz, and sandalwood. The former creates a sporty, active vibe, while the latter two options retain that sense of vibrancy while erring toward the discreet.


  • Gender-blurring Couture Details

The feminine and masculine blend into one, with high fashion nuances that transform traditional looks into modern art pieces. At Nad Lawrence, we liken it to sculpture: gender and body contours fade into the background, while the composition of fabrics, textures, and minute asymmetrical shifts bring to light a new form. What does this look like in practice? We’re seeing baroque gathered sleeves on sporty parkas, oversized cuts on blazers, ruffles and sequins on suit jackets, even pearl embellishments. For the modern gentleman, fashion forward this fall means embracing gender fluid details that turn ordinary ensembles into the extraordinary. 


  • 70s Nostalgia 

Expect a blast from the past this fall, in the form of heeled boots, flare jeans, and fur stoles. Whether it’s subtle or bold, a flash of 70s era inspiration will add that extra edge to your fall look.


  • Fabric: Quality is King

Sophistication demands attention to detail, and this fall, that starts with selecting pieces constructed with high quality materials. We’re seeing poplin or suit fabrics made of wool and wool blends for a blend of comfort and elegance, especially in tandem with elaborate patterns. If you’re looking to amp up the glamor, try out silk blends, charming taffeta and shimmering accents, or strongly curled teddy fabrics. Genuine and artificial lambskin is another possibility. These luxurious fabrics create a sense of motion and amplitude. For the more adventurous, broad cord, leather, and latex can be incorporated into pieces, adding a touch of intensity. Another trend this fall? Down fabrics. It’s not just for coats — we’re seeing it in vests with shortened, funky shapes. Down combined with other fabrics also adds a bit of extravagance. When you co-create a bespoke suit with Nad Lawrence, you can choose from a wide range of premium fabrics including Australian Merino wool, South African mohair, and vicuna from Peru. As a bespoke tailor, Nad Lawrence takes pride in sourcing only the finest materials for custom designs. 

Vintage 70's fashion

  • Whimsical Prints

Ethereal elements — motifs of heaven and space — add a splash of whimsy to fall menswear. These celestial designs incorporate comets, constellations, and clouds into fantastical prints inspired by the skies above. The surreal is placed on a pedestal. Even optical illusions exist within this new fashion realm. Quirky patterns and graphics are the name of the game this fall. 


  • Fur Coats

As the temperatures dip, fur coats and stoles are going to have a moment. Whether you opt for long, bulky, and shaggy overcoats or a sleek, updated look with panel zippers, you’re guaranteed to stay warm and make a statement. 


  • Tech Innovations: AI, AR, & VR

Artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality platforms are seeping into every aspect of modern life — yes, even fashion. Embrace it. Fall’s most coveted pieces may now be reinventions of classics, incorporating the highest standards of craftsmanship and state of the art technology. As an innovative bespoke tailor, Nad Lawrence is applying a new production process using digital design; our system captures your weight, posture, and contours, transforming them into manufacturing specifications. Art and science are unified when these tools are placed in skilled hands.


  • White Out

We mentioned monochrome, but all-white is in a category of its own. This fall, you’ll find an abundance of sweaters, suits, and conceptual menswear in a solid ivory shade. While we admit it’s a gutsy move, stepping out in nothing but white, we’re proponents of pushing boundaries in the name of elegance

Ready to dive deep into your fall wardrobe and create a look that speaks to the latest trends while retaining your unique voice? Working with a bespoke tailor like Nad Lawrence, you can build garments from the ground up, designed for you alone. And before you step out in your new look, check out our guide on the five essential accessories to turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

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