It’s an obvious temptation. Racks of ready-made suits line the department store walls. Shuffle through them, head to the fitting room, take your pick right then and there. The deep discount reflected on that shiny price tag seems too good to be true. 

And that’s because it is. 

Big box retailers are in the business of selling what we at Nad Lawrence refer to as “junk fashion.” It’s cheap, disposable, mass made in factories, and ultimately, it’s harmful to the environment and the individuals involved in its production. Those suits lined up on the department store racks simply aren’t sustainable. Not to mention, a ready-to-wear suit is bound to be either baggy or a little too restrictive — not exactly our definition of flattering.

Enter bespoke tailoring.

Opting for custom-made clothing makes a statement. It’s a vote in favor of sustainability and elegance. We can’t think of a better combination. 

Never considered a bespoke tailor? New to the world of custom-made attire? Allow us to break it down for you: What it is, how it works, and what you stand to gain by making it a staple in your wardrobe.


What is a bespoke tailor?

The term “bespoke” originated on Savile Row in London. It means “to be spoken for,” and that’s exactly what a bespoke suit does: It speaks volumes about who you are and what you value

Bespoke tailors design garments that are custom-built for you, from head to toe. They take meticulous measurements to ensure that every stitch of fabric is perfectly molded to your frame

But it’s not all about the numbers. Bespoke tailoring is part art, part science. The art involves transforming your custom clothing into a canvas for self-expression. At Nad Lawrence, we take pride in crafting garments that reflect the nuances of our clients’ identities. Although every creation exudes sophistication and class, no two pieces are exactly alike; the same cannot be said of off-the-rack apparel. 

During fitting sessions, bespoke tailors will gather all the data they need to handcraft a suit to your exact specifications. Bespoke garments at Nad Lawrence are handmade by a small team of artisans, in stark contrast to the assembly line process of mass-produced clothing.


Why is it worth choosing bespoke over ready-to-wear? 

Make no mistake: Custom-made clothing is on a caliber of its own when it comes to elegance. 

Choosing to go bespoke is an investment in yourself and in the sustainable fashion movement. 

What do you stand to gain from such an investment? 

  • The perfect fit

Baggy pants, sleeves that abruptly cut off just below the wrist, a jacket that squeezes around the waist when buttoned. If you’ve shopped mainstream, you know what it’s like when a suit fits, except…there’s always that one fatal flaw. No one wants to walk into a high stakes meeting looking sloppy and disheveled. A bespoke suit guarantees the ultimate fit. It’s tailored to conform to your every curve, with just the right amount of give to allow for comfort and glamor. At Nad Lawrence, we’re perfectionists when it comes to measurements. We want to get it just right, down to the last detail — and we do. You’ll know by the fit. 

  • Supreme quality

Ever wonder where the fabric that’s draped around your body comes from? With custom-made apparel from Nad Lawrence, you’ll know exactly where each and every stitch is derived. We source only the highest quality fabrics: Think Lanficio Cerutti, Jorge Carli, Marzoni. You’ll have your pick from Egyptian cotton, Australian Merino wool, Scottish tweed, South African Mohair, and more. In fact, we’ve developed a guide to fabric selection that will ensure you choose the best of the best. We believe only the finest ingredients belong in a bespoke suit. And quality lasts…

Why choose a bespoke tailor

  • Longevity

“Fast fashion” is just that: it’s made in a rush, and just as quickly, it deteriorates. The torn seams, unraveling threads, and faded tones are unsightly symbols of the made-to-wear industry. Rather than heading back to the big box store and repeating the cycle, you can opt out entirely. When you choose bespoke, you’re investing in a statement piece that will stand the test of time. Year after year, that investment will pay dividends. At Nad Lawrence, high quality fabrics are painstakingly pieced together, crafted to endure. Investing in bespoke now will save you from repeated trips to mass retailers in future years, and the accompanying expenses. 

  • Creativity 

Your inner artist won’t be confined to what’s available on the sale rack at the shopping mall. With a bespoke tailor, you can express every shade of your palette, even the subtlest hues. Every aspect of your custom piece is personalized to suit you and only you. That means you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to self-expression. Whether you’re going for a bold and brassy look or understated elegance, you can dial the temperature up or down until it feels just right. 


Ready to take the plunge and make an appointment with a bespoke tailor? 

Here’s what you can expect: 

First, contact Nad Lawrence to schedule your personal consultation.

While you’re at it, send us your own measurements with the help of a handy app. Nad Lawrence is offering an unprecedented 50% discount to clients that take advantage of this innovative digital tool. 

Alternatively, we can take your measurements (in-person at your convenience, or virtually) and we’ll ask all the right questions to get the best sense of who you are and guide you towards your most captivating look. 

You’ll choose from a range of luxurious fabrics and add custom finishing touches to your piece — may we suggest a spiffy jacket lapel or fanciful buttons? The decision is all yours. 

Good things come to those who wait. Within 5-7 weeks, your new bespoke masterpiece will be ready for unwrapping. And trust us: Once you experience the fit and finesse of custom-made, you’ll never accept anything less. 


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