all about dress codes ep.9

Creative Black Tie This is a relatively new black tie dress code, and it’s intended to loosen up an otherwise formulaic look. Even though I believe the original black tie is supremely elegant when done well, with “creative black tie” you can step away from the traditional in one or two elements of your ensemble. […]

Beluga Suit special edition

We are absolutely thrilled to release The Beluga Suit Cerruti 1881 Fabric Collection 2019  Canvas                         Suit 3 pcs          Jacket                    Pant                  Vest Half Canvas:         CHF 1’838.00      CHF   878.00 CHF 568.00 CHF 392.00 Full Canvas:          CHF 2’414.00      CHF 1’454.00 CHF 568.00 CHF 392.00  

the dress code VIII

Warm Weather Black Tie If your event happens to fall in the heat of the summer, black tie can be a heavy ensemble to wear. Follow the above protocol, but opt for a white jacket. Black Tie Optional / Black Tie Invited Often found on invitations today, Black Tie Optional means you are welcome to […]

the dress code VII

3. Be Mindful of the Theme If this is an event for a charity or an organization, check out what is documented online to judge your clothing. Religious ceremonies, like baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs, deserve respect with proper attire. 4. Note the Time Usually, parties after 5 p.m. mean more elegant looks, whereas daytime functions […]