Nad’s Bespoke Suit Masterpiece

Nad Lawrence's Bespoke Suit Masterpiece

Each custom piece we design is a world of its own, an artistic endeavor that Nad undertakes with extreme care towards each and every detail.  One of Nad’s most celebrated creations is a structured, square-shouldered suit in a shade just a touch lighter than navy. The make is similar to a British cut — something […]

Timeless Elegance: Lanificio Cerruti Fabrics

Lanificio Cerruti

When the conversation turns to sumptuous fabrics for bespoke, Lanificio Cerruti instantly comes to mind. As a bespoke tailor, we at Nad Lawrence pride ourselves in sourcing only the finest materials for our one-of-a-kind suits and other creations. In addition to our longstanding partnership with Stylbiella, we offer a range of other luxury fabrics to […]

Selecting the Best Fabric for Your Bespoke Wardrobe

Elegant couple dressed with custom cloths

Picking out fabric doesn’t come naturally to everyone — yet it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of the bespoke design process. Looking at a small square of cloth, it can be difficult to envision how it will all come together in a head-to-toe ensemble. Yet, with a little preparation, we assure you it’s […]

Nad Lawrence interview | The Process Begins with a Negroni…

Interview with Nad Lawrence - Bespoke tailor

What goes into the making of a custom suit? What is “junk” fashion and how is buying bespoke an act of protest against it? Nad Lawrence reveals all in this Q&A.   What are the advantages of buying bespoke over mass retail suits?  Fit. A good bespoke suit should hug your shoulders, create a clean […]

How to Dress to Impress in the Workplace

Fashion men - elegant detail

Gone are the days of formal suits and ties with their accompanying buttoned-up sensibility. The new millennium ushered in a wave of loosened dress codes, taking a page out of Silicon Valley. Twenty years later the trend has yet to reverse itself. With CEOs donning jeans and t-shirts, and the line between boardroom and living […]

Why choose a bespoke tailor?

Bespok tailoring

It’s an obvious temptation. Racks of ready-made suits line the department store walls. Shuffle through them, head to the fitting room, take your pick right then and there. The deep discount reflected on that shiny price tag seems too good to be true.  And that’s because it is.  Big box retailers are in the business […]