Meet Nad

Nad Lawrence knows first impressions speak volumes. In his former life as a lawyer jetsetting between Hong Kong and Nassau, he discovered elegance is the universal currency that pays dividends. With time, Nad’s penchant for fashion led to a growing frustration with the style status quo.  After meeting his partner, a fashion designer and tailor by trade, Nad formally declared war on what he deemed “junk fashion.” His aim: create exquisite garments that prioritize sophistication. Elevate menswear to new heights.

For Nad, elegance is an undeniable fact of life. He believes that who you are, what you wear, and how you live are inseparable; it’s reflected in his craftsmanship. Nad sets the bar high when it comes to fashion. Translating this expertise into custom-designed wardrobes for his clients is deeply gratifying. 

Nad’s impeccable sense of style transcends borders. With a Nad Lawrence suit, you can confidently walk the streets of London, Paris, New York, or Milano, an ambassador of fine taste.

Dress people as you imagine them, not as you see them. That’s Nad’s philosophy.  It’s woven into every thread of fabric. The result: a look that sets a gentleman apart from the crowd

After all, if clothing is the calling card of our personality, why not set the right tone?

Nad Lawrence: “I personally make sure that devils look like angels.”

Nad Lawrence


We scour the globe for only the highest quality cloth and trimmings: Australian Merino Wool, Egyptian Cotton, Scottish Tweed, Irish Linen, South African Mohair, and Vicuna from Peru. We have relationships with all the mills and merchants, including a exclusive collaboration with Stylbiella in Biella, Italy.

My story

2007 | Fighting “junk fashion”

Nad joins forces with his partner Cici, channeling their mutual passion for sustainable, well-crafted clothes to challenge the “junk fashion” industry head-on. Together, they found the womenswear label CiciPeel, which is still active

Nad Lawrence story
Nad Lawrence history

2018 | The seed is planted

Nad and Cici take a sabbatical to explore opportunities for growth in the men’s fashion market. Inspiration collected during this period is the seed from which Nad Lawrence bespoke tailor blossoms.

2019 to present | The Art of Tailoring is born

On March 17, 2019 the Art of Tailoring by Nad Lawrence is born. An infusion of old world craftsmanship and innovative digital design, Nad Lawrence introduces suits that blend modern sophistication with European tradition. Each piece is custom-designed, making it as unique as the man who wears it.

Tailoring passion

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